Thanks to the experience achieved in 60 years of activity, DISCOTELSISAL has developed a series of products dedicated to the ceramics and porcelain industry.


  • NWF flap for edge banding machines
  • Mixed emery cloth wheels for edge banding machines
  • Convolute wheels for edge banding machines
  • NWF radial flap wheels for lapping
  • Radial mixed emery cloth wheels for porcelain stoneware
  • NWF discs for cleaning operations
  • NWF pads for sanitary ware works


  • Removing excess glaze on the edges of the tiles
  • Lapping operations on tile surfaces
  • Processing on sanitary ware
  • Processing on dishes
  • Usable on automatic machines
  • Usable dry and wet
  • Usable on cooked and raw ceramics