All floor maintenance pads illustrated and described are designed and produced to give superior performance on specific floor surfaces.

They can be used wet or dry with conventional or high speed machines.

* All pads are 100% virgin polyester and/or 100% virgin nylon fibres bonded with tough elastic synthetic resin.

* The specific types of fibres and abrasives are related to the aggressiveness required for particular floor maintenance.

* Open web construction enables easier dirt pick-up and permits faster cleaning of pads under running water.

* All pads are usable on both sides.


Discovering the right floor care system (discss, chemicals, machines, etc.), seems to be something unique from situation to situation. Variables such as heat, humidity, traffic, care, personal likes & dislikes, etc., can cause the decision on a single system to be a tough one. However, beyond all of the factors that need to be considered, there are really only two basic things a floor disc user wants - a clean floor, and a shiny floor. The “HLM” Floor Care Process represents the heart of floor maintenance: Foundation, Protection, Maintenance, & Restoration, the four basic steps to effective floor care. Following these four phases of floor care will ensure that a high appearance level is maintained throughout the service life of the floor finish. This is where using a correct floor pad is vital.

There comes a point in the life of a floor when you can no longer dismiss the reality that it is time to strip the entire floor finish. A breakdown in the floor surface as a result of worn traffic areas, flaking or chipping, dark shadowy areas caused by “shiny dirt”, staining, etc., is an indication that it is time to strip the floor surface. With the use of slower machine speeds (175 to 300 r.p.m.), appropriate stripping solutions, and a highly aggressive floor disc such as the “HLM” Black disc, the surface of the floor is stripped of the old finish, and new coats of sealer/finish are applied.

Protection is an attempt to keep the floor surface as clean as possible so as to avoid the accumulation of dry grit and soil that is regularly tracked in. The use of dust mops and regular vacuuming & cleaning of walk-off mats is a regular day-to-day process that ultimately helps in putting off the next phase of the floor care cycle for as long as possible.

The Maintenance phase is, in a sense, the lifeblood of the floor care process. Typically, “HLM” Red Discs (for machines operating between 175-300 r.p.m.), and Ultra High Speed Burnishing Discs (for machines operating at 1000 r.p.m. and higher), are used to remove scuff marks and clean dirt & soil captured between the nooks and crannies of the floor surface. This process may involve wet and dry cleaning techniques for the purpose of restoring the gloss or so-called wet-look shine to the floor.

The final phase of the process, Restoration involves the removal of the top one or two layers of old soiled finish, and the addition of new layers of floor coating. A light wet scrub of the top layer of the floor using a moderately aggressive pad (Range = “HLM” Blue to Green), and appropriate cleaning solutions, prepares the floor for a new coat of gloss.

Remember, the objectives of Phase 2, 3, & 4 of the process are to avoid Phase 1 for as long as possible. Foundation involves a complete wet strip of the floor surface, which requires a substantial amount of labor and materials cost. Using the “HLM” Floor Care Process will ultimately help in prolonging the life and appearance of that beautiful “wet-look” floor!

Conventional Discs   High Speed Discs
Colour coded for easy identification, for use with machines that operate at 150-750 rpm.
Available sizes 152 mm (6”) to 609 mm (24”)
Centre hole punch-out plug or with a bolt hole for high speed machines..

  Discs to produce and mantain a great wet-look shine on various floor surfaces.
For use with machines that operate at 1000-3000 rpm

Available sizes 152 mm (6”) to 609 mm (24”)
BLACK - Stripping BLACK - Stripping
Heavy-duty wet stripping
  JOEY - Burnishing JOEY - Burnishing
A super-soft disc that will kiss and polish the floor
BROWN - Stripping BROWN - Stripping
Fast, cuts away wax/old floor finish, dry stripping
  BEIGE - Burnishing BEIGE - Burnishing
A moderately soft disc for a softer finish
GREEN - Scrubbing GREEN - Scrubbing
Heavy-duty wet scrubbing to remove surface coat, ground-in dirt and scuff marks
  CRINE LITE - Burnishing CRINE LITE - Burnishing
Natural hair for a luster on softer, buffable floor surfaces
BLUE - Cleaning BLUE - Cleaning
Moderate scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning
  CHAMPAGNE - Burnishing CHAMPAGNE - Burnishing
Soft textured disc for dry burnishing and buffing for a high gloss
MAROON - Cleaning MAROON - Cleaning
Cleans when damp, buffs when dry. Ideal for spray cleaning, removes scuff marks and polishes floor
  CRINE NATURAL - Burnishing CRINE NATURAL - Burnishing
Blend of natural hair and synthetic fibres for a high gloss.
RED - Buffing RED - Buffing
Dry or spray buffing, and cleaning to a high gloss
  PEACH - Buffing PEACH - Buffing
Mildly aggressive spray buffing disc
TAN - Polishing TAN - Polishing
For polishing synthetic or natural finishes to high lustre
  CRINE - Burnishing CRINE - Burnishing
Natual hair disc with binder that’s hard and aggressive
WHITE - Polishing
Non-aggressive dry polishing to high gloss
  LIGHT BLUE - Cleaner LIGHT BLUE - Cleaner
Mild abrasive disc for ultra high speed cleaning

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