In 1957 the first sanding wheels were born from the experience of Mr. Salvatore Cassarà.

From the beginning, the solid construction, ease of use and adaptability to many applications proved Discotelsisal's wheels to be the most innovative on the market.

These characteristics are still proven today by our continuous investments and commitment to "Total Quality".

· Quality

· Simplicity of use

· Market consciousness

These values have been and will always be DISCOTELSISAL's guidelines for the future.

Today DISCOTELSISAL is a leading company in the manufacturing of abrasives and sanding wheels of natural and synthetic abrasives.

Our abrasives, for the treatment of wooden, metal and ceramic surfaces, are products technologically qualified for both your manual and automated jobs.

Our friendly and qualified staff is ready to offer precise and complete answers to your questions.

After many years of experience our technical, sales, accounting and management offices are organised to transform any of your inquiries into an interesting offer.

Our goal is always to obtain the highest level of quality.

For this reason our highly trained people always succeed in creating the best high-tech quality products aided by our sophisticated research systems and meticulous teamwork.

All DISCOTELSISAL products are rigorously researched and tested before being placed in the market.

DISCOTELSISAL has developed a worldwide leadership position in the metal, ceramic and wood finishing industry through the use of a highly qualified staff, carefully selected materials and precise quality control.

Every day our products are submitted to arduous testing under production conditions through the use of very sophisticated control systems. Perfect operating conditions are achieved with minimum production cost, therefore we obtain the highest possible performance.

Due to this rigorous attention to detail, DISCOTELSISAL remains at the forefront of the finishing sector.

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